Jane Scott Norris on location. Photo courtesy of Daniel J. Cox

Born in England, and growing up in Wales, Jane developed an early interest in the sciences. When, as a female physics graduate, she couldn’t find employment in the U.K. she moved to the Land of Opportunity with everything she owned in one suitcase and $50 in her pocket. She claims she has lived the American Dream. Her first introduction to the U.S.A., at 20, was riding a Greyhound bus for over a month. Later, she worked in the aerospace industry before joining the U.S. Foreign Service, where she served 21 years in Information Technology, Communications and Information Security assignments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, Pakistan, London and Washington D.C. After she and husband Doug, a Navy officer, retired they moved to Virginia Beach in 2010.

Jane’s father was a wedding, sports and newspaper freelance photographer, but Jane showed no interest in photography until she started traveling. She took a Brownie box camera when hitchhiking around Europe at 18. First she photographed scenery, but, once she moved to Africa, she found her real passion - wildlife photography. She has traveled to all 7 continents, some trips to indulge Doug's passion for history and their common interest in different cultures, but more and more for wildlife. Jane is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and various wildlife groups on Facebook. She is a Virginia Master Naturalist.

Jane's current photographic equipment includes a Canon 1DX Mk II, Canon 5D Mk IV, 100-400 mm Mk II, 400mm DO Mk II, 24-70 Mk II, 70-200 f2.8 Mk II and a 70-300 L.

Contact: Comments, questions and suggestions concerning this website may be sent to JaneScottNorris@gmail.com.