HAPPY NEW YEAR - May 2017 bring you health, happiness and joy! I've worked a lot on the website the last few days and see I need to be more structured. Of course, if I would process the photos from one trip before going on the next I'd have better luck picking ones for the website. As well as responding to the urging of friends and family to have a place they can view my photography I am hoping the website will encourage more discipline in processing my work. Sounds like a New Years resolution right there.


My goal around the New Year is to get this website looking a little better. It will likely never be finished but I want to get all the linkages working properly.

King Penguins, Volunteer Point, Falklands, Nov 2017

King Penguins, Volunteer Point, Falklands, Nov 2017


What a fantastic 10 days we enjoyed in Botswana, starting on a riverboat (run from the Namibia side of the Chobe River) and visiting 3 &Beyond camps in the Okavango Delta.



Madagascar should be the 8th continent based on its bio-diversity

We joined Natural Exposures leaders, Dan & Tanya Cox, and 9 other guests on a fantastic two-week tour of Madagascar which included visiting the capital, the east coast, the south and the west near the coast.